Weekly Challenges

As we have lots of time on our hands, we might as well make it a bit more interesting. These challenges will push you out of your comfort zone and you might learn something new!

  1. No spend week
  2. Reading week
  3. Sleep by 11 p.m. week
  4. No alcohol week
  5. No TV week
  6. Floss and mouthwash every morning/night week
  7. No phone week
  8. No TV week
  9. Journalling week
  10. Exercise week
  11. Take a 20 minute walk everyday for a week
  12. Self-care week
  13. Meditation week
  14. Spend an hour with friends or family (virtually too) week
  15. Try a new craft week
  16. Learn something new week

(doesn’t the word ‘week’ look like gibberish because I wrote it so much aha)

If you don’t want to do it for a week, maybe try it for a day and see how it goes!

Enjoy! Bye x