Morning Routine Ideas

I can definitely say I’m a morning person, I normally wake up at around 6:30. I like to have a slow, long routine and have those few hours on my own. As I am still having a full day of work from home, I use the morning as my relaxing time and depending on the day, these are some things I do…

“Every morning you have two choices. Continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them”

  1. Read
  2. Journal
  3. Write a to-do list
  4. Learn a language (every morning I sit down with the Duolingo app and learn French)
  5. Make bed
  6. Tidy up space for the day
  7. Open curtains
  8. Open windows
  9. Morning skin care routine – wash face, cleanse, moisturise etc
  10. Go outside and breath in the fresh air
  11. Exercise – go on a walk, go on a run or do a home work out
  12. Drink a lot of water to rehydrate your body after sleep
  13. Blog! – this is the time that I write all my blog posts and it is such a productive but relaxing hobby to do in the morning
  14. Have a cup of tea or coffee
  15. Make yourself breakfast and enjoy it. Actually sit down and take your time to eat it!
  16. Connect with friends and family – send a good morning text or have breakfast with them over a video call
  17. Get dressed – when I know I have a long to do list, I wear clothes that I’d normally wear to Sixth Form to make sure I’m productive but mostly I am living in joggers and sweatshirts to be comfortable for the day.
  18. Make a list of three goals for the day
  19. Set yourself up for work – after breakfast, I set up my work space with my laptop, a tea or coffee, and get all my notes and papers that I’ll need. I try to avoid doing anything else on my desk but work, so when I sit down my body knows it’s time to get going!

I can honestly say that having the morning to myself helps me organise my 24 hours and calm any stresses or anxieties that I have. It gives me a few extra hours to be productive whilst people are asleep.

Bye x

My Productive Morning

Today, didn’t go to usual plan. When I arrived at school my classes were cancelled for the whole day and instead of staying on site, I decided to saunter back home because right then all I could think about was crawling back into bed, especially on this cold morning. When I got home, I planned my weekend and dedicated Saturday to be my rest day (as I work all day Sunday) normally it’s Friday evenings but because I had the whole day free I motivated myself to get all my work ticked off today rather than wasting it. And I had a lot to do.

I made sure I could be as content as possible whilst doing work (which I didn’t think was possible). So… I made myself a cup of tea and grabbed all the work I had been assigned and jumped into bed. I put on one of my favourite movies and raced through all the cover work my teacher had set. I had to write a short essay on meanings and representations of accents and do some research on a new novel we are starting this term. It was a lot of work and looking at it was daunting but I made sure I was comfy and set up all the resources I needed around me. This took me around three hours to complete and after that all I could think about was getting the rest of my to-do list done, as I felt more motivated than before even starting the work. After that long period, I had lunch. It was a strange mixture of foods but it was delicious, I had roast potatoes, pea crisps, sandwich with vegetarian chicken tikka and leaves and an apple. Is it just me or when you’re at home you have for lunch the weirdest combination of foods? Probably just me aha. Also, whilst I was downstairs I made myself a hot water bottle to hug in bed. Then I was super cosy.

Next on my to-do list was an extra reading assignment to analyse context, themes and language techniques. This took me a fair few hours because the text was huge! But, once I had done it I sighed with relief as I filed it away in my folder. “Right! What’s next?”. It was still pretty early on in the day, so I looked at work that maybe I hadn’t finished or was messy and I remembered my essay I wrote yesterday that was due today but now the deadline is extended to Monday. I read through it line by line, trying to improve it and add extra bits and bobs.

After that, I put on Harry Potter, grabbed a bowl of cereal and pulled out my laptop to write this blog post. I love reading blog posts about peoples productive days and organising their lives, I know I’ll be reading this back to motivate me. These days can be very rare!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!

Bye x