Podcasts to Listen to

I know I am months or even years behind but only recently have I fallen in love with podcasts. I listen to them to go to sleep and while I do my morning routine to get my brain ticking. (Next job is to get an audiobook!) Here are some of my favourite podcasts right now:

  1. Shagged, Married, Annoyed!
  2. Women’s Hour
  3. Harry Potter At Home
  4. Everyday Positivity
  5. TED Talks Daily
  6. Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations
  7. Stuff You Should Know
  8. My Favourite Murder
  9. Crime Junkie
  10. How I built this
  11. Recovering From Reality
  12. Thick and Thin w/ Katy Bellotte
  13. Casefile
  14. Myths and Legends
  15. Coffee House Shots
  16. Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories
  17. The Tony Robbins Podcast

I think I got carried away! You’ll definitely find a love for a podcast from that list. They are all so different form each other, talking about crimes and conspiracies to a normal life of a husband and wife. I used to think I would never like podcasts but there are so many genres and topics out there that I never knew existed and now love.