Podcasts to Listen to

I know I am months or even years behind but only recently have I fallen in love with podcasts. I listen to them to go to sleep and while I do my morning routine to get my brain ticking. (Next job is to get an audiobook!) Here are some of my favourite podcasts right now:

  1. Shagged, Married, Annoyed!
  2. Women’s Hour
  3. Harry Potter At Home
  4. Everyday Positivity
  5. TED Talks Daily
  6. Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations
  7. Stuff You Should Know
  8. My Favourite Murder
  9. Crime Junkie
  10. How I built this
  11. Recovering From Reality
  12. Thick and Thin w/ Katy Bellotte
  13. Casefile
  14. Myths and Legends
  15. Coffee House Shots
  16. Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories
  17. The Tony Robbins Podcast

I think I got carried away! You’ll definitely find a love for a podcast from that list. They are all so different form each other, talking about crimes and conspiracies to a normal life of a husband and wife. I used to think I would never like podcasts but there are so many genres and topics out there that I never knew existed and now love.


“If you were able to believe in Santa Clause for like 8 years, you can believe in yourself for like 5 minutes”


This quote really means something to me. Of course, you can interpret it in your own way but it’s made me think about how I can reach my goals. If someone really wants to do something, be it making more money or finding a better job, they need to believe they can, otherwise it will be a continuous circle of doubting over and over. To accomplish a dream, they have to picture it in their head, brains can’t differentiate between imaginary and reality. The quote shows if someone can believe in a fictional character for years, they can believe in themselves, even if only for five minutes. It’s a start. All someone needs is a starting place and if they believe they can accomplish their goals and desires, they can figure out the stepping stones and start to strive for it. Just believe!

I know this post is cheesy but this quote inspired me when I first saw it and hoped it would do the same for some of you guys 🙂

Bye x

When the Blues Come

As the seasonal blues come along I thought I would share some tips to get out of that funk, which I’ve definitely dragged myself away from over Christmas break and I have to be back on it for when sixth form starts up again! Here are a few self care tips I tried that help me to stay productive and content during winter:


This isn’t for everyone but I love going into nature and finding new places to explore. It takes you away from reality for a bit, inevitably taking away your stress and anxiety. Here are some examples of all the advantages of a walk: it improves self-perception, self-esteem, mood and sleep quality. On New Year’s Day, my parents and I went on a walk (our New Year’s Day tradition) in a secluded place for an hour or maybe even less and I felt so relaxed and to be honest didn’t want to go back home to reality. But, my point is, that it is the perfect thing to do if you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, try it and you’ll see. It’s hard to explain the sensation but it’s worth it.


Getting lost in a book can create a new world for you to delve into. It can distract your mind from all the overwhelming negative thoughts. I’m currently reading ‘Little Women’ and I love setting up my cosy room with candles and fairy lights, with a good book. I always get lost in the words and characters, trying to visualise the authors descriptions.

Blast Your Music

Make sure you have a playlist for every emotion, especially upbeat tunes! I found out your heartbeat changes depending on the music you listen to, when you’re feeling low and unmotivated, music can increase the heart and breathing rate. It will hopefully create that motivation inside you that’s trying to get out. Even if it just pulls you out of bed, it’s still something.

Act Of Kindness

Do a random act of kindness. It will give you a different outlook on your day when you selflessly help another person. You could: donate money to charity, drop a few pennies or pounds into a guitar case for that singer on the street, give some coins to a homeless person, volunteer your time at a charity shop or donate all your clothes and books you don’t use anymore to a charity. In more selfish terms, it makes you feel good about yourself and seem like a better person, others will also have a better view of you.

Set Goals

List all your goals that you want to achieve, whether that’s weekly goals or life goals. It will give you a path to start on and you won’t feel so lost on what to do with your days. You need to figure out the steps to accomplish those aims. For example, I want an A on my next assignment, the step is revise for an hour daily on that subject. The motivation to get that dream into reality will be large enough to pick yourself back up again.

Buy Flowers

I actually did this recently when I was feeling a bit down. I walked into my local supermarket, grabbed a Starbucks and as I was walking out I saw some flowers, I marched over there and bought some beautiful roses. I didn’t feel instantly better but it definitely comforted me to have a pretty asset in my room, that makes my bedroom a lot brighter. I’m not sure how or why but it did put a smile on my face.

Organise Your Space

Tidying your room and decluttering, can have the same effect on your brain. And what I mean by that is your view of your space won’t be filled with clutter and rubbish, distracting you from what you’re supposed to be doing. A clear space equals a clear mind. It will be a relief when you finally clear out that draw you scavenger through everyday and donate all the clothes that take up room in your closet you don’t wear anymore. I am very minimalistic in my interior design anyway but having no distractions on my desk whilst studying, really helps me get through it.


Lastly, the best thing you can do if you’re having a rough day is to wallow. As Lorelai Gilmore showed us, to get over something you must wallow about it first. Let it all out for 5 minutes and be as sad about it as you want but after those 5 minutes are up you have let it go and the pain of it is gone. To cry with someone is always better than alone but sometimes that can be uncomfortable for some people, so just make sure you have a blanket, tissues and ice-cream. You have to admit to yourself you are upset before you get over it, otherwise you push it further and further to the back of your head and sooner than later it will suddenly appear when you least expect it. Wallow. That is the number one trick to letting go.

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home”

– Edith Sitwell

Thank you for reading!

Bye x


Yesterday, my mum and I spent all day roaming London, walking for hours on end. We started off in Covent Garden then jumped into Carnaby Street to see the strange, sea theme lights and then finally ended up at the amazing, vintage book shop in Marylebone High Street. Fun fact: the book shop is one of the oldest in London, although it doesn’t actually have many vintage books in it, the structure of the place is beautiful, it’s called Daunt Books.

Covent Garden was so cute, I don’t think that’s the best way to describe it but it was so appealing and well-decorated for Christmas, that I think I’m finally in the festive mood. The tree in the centre was gorgeous and the market was full of really sweet little gifts, perfect stocking fillers. We first stopped in a shop named Galeria Melissa, it’s a shoe shop but at the front door there was a some social media backdrop to take instagram photos and an amazing room downstairs with a mirrored floor and reflective stars dangling from the ceiling. It was a perfect photo opportunity, that didn’t got to waste ;). We then dawdled through the market, looking at all the stands of prezzies but I am definitely too broke to get anything nice from there. We then found ourselves in a little bakery called Le Pain Quotidien, which is a chain restaurant. I had chicken and leak pie, it was delicious! And, the little restaurant over looked Covent Garden, with an old-fashioned interior, I would definitely recommend this place. Leaving Covent Garden we roamed into Carnaby Street.

We weren’t in Carnaby Street for a very long time but we did get to witness this years Christmas lights. One word: whacky. The street had a theme of sea creatures, which was definitely not the classy route, most of London went along with. They had a huge whale and a school of fish floating above our heads, it was really unique and to be honest didn’t feel very Christmassy but more like a Little Mermaid themed party. Aside from that I loved it, it was so quirky and many people this year are theming their decorations on their tree and who knows one may be ‘Under the Sea’ theme. After that fascination we got lost… and then the rain came pouring down. We ran into an old record shop, which was very aesthetically pleasing and made me reminisce on all the songs my dad forced me to listen to from his era, that I gave into liking a few years ago. My mum also loved seeing her favourite songs from her era as well. The rain slowed but didn’t stop for a while so we ran street to street, trying to find this book shop.

Soaked through and exhausted with no charge on either of our phones, we managed to reach Daunt books just before it was closing. We raced through the door with 10 minutes to spare. It was a small shop but there was nearly every book hidden somewhere. I was in my element. My mum got very bored watching me look and touch nearly every interesting book in there, which was nearly all of them. I didn’t buy any, but I have some noted down to get when I finish my current one. And, after a long, long day of walking and once the rain had settled we made our way home, and finally tucked in bed at 10p.m. with a decaf coffee and my sister’s home-made cookies.

Thank you so much for reading! See you soon.

Bye x

And the Leaves Came Tumbling Down


I know this blog is a bit late now we’re in December and Christmas is all around, but I thought I would share my autumn journal page before my Christmas one comes along. Journalling is one of my favourite hobbies, it is so relaxing and therapeutic to gather some autumnal images and crafts to wrap up the season!

I haven’t been journalling for a very long time, so this may not look as good as some journals but hopefully I’m getting better than when I first started aha.

I saw a quote about always keeping a journal in your pocket and I tried this recently. I wrote down all my ideas and notes, and it really helps keep motivation and happiness all day long. (Letting go of negativity onto paper, really took it off my shoulders) Definitely recommend you try this for a week, at least! Although once it’s secure in your pocket, it will follow you around…

“Writing in a journal reminds you of your goals and of your learning in life. It offers a place where you can hold a deliberate, thoughtful conversation with yourself.”

– Robin Sharma

Thank you so much for reading, see you soon!

Bye x

How I Wake Up Motivated


I can safely say that I am a morning person. I love to wake up early to get most of my work done before half the world is even awake. Knowing that all the work I had for the day is done before 11 a.m. Leaving me hours and hours to get personal errands ticked off my long to-do-list or extra credit tasks for sixth form to help boost my final grade. But… I know it is very difficult to wake up with a positive outlook on the day, especially when you’re tucked up in a bundle of blankets and duvets, hoping your alarm doesn’t read 7 a.m. So, here are a few of my personal tips to get up and out of bed with an optimistic view of the day.

  1. Gratitude

This is a huge one for me, because when you lye in bed thinking about everything you are grateful for, even the smallest things like the sunrise that morning, it creates this realisation that you’re actually a very lucky person with a great life. Even though something may have gone wrong the day before or a few days before, it doesn’t define you and it will be forgotten about before you even know it. And, the gratitude almost makes you think how can I fix that problem and carry on my days without the burden? I tried gratitude recently and it made a huge difference to my day, it opened my closed mind on the situation I was experiencing. I changed my attitude towards it and didn’t dwell in sadness, that unhappiness was a choice. Here’s a few examples of some gratitudes I recite:

  • My family and friends
  • My education, so I can get my dream job
  • Negative people who have walked in and out of my life, they’ve only made me stronger
  • I am healthy
  • I have clean water to drink, shelter and warmth
  • A new day to reset and start again

Did you also know that doing gratitude can make you at least 25% happier than you were before you started thinking about everything you’re grateful for. It heals and eliminates stress and lastly, improves self-esteem and relationships!

Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.

– Brian Tracy

2. Motivational Videos

As soon as I get up out of bed and switch off my alarm, I pop in my headphones and play a motivational video on youtube. It really wakes you up when you have people screaming in your ear to get your life together! It makes me look at individuals lives and what they can achieve and I think, why can’t I do that? If they can, I can. I know it’s a little corny but it truly works and motivates you throughout your day. Most of the people speaking have gone through so much and it is so inspiring to see how they have picked themselves up and created their ideal life. I’ll list some YouTube accounts that I watch:

  • Law Of Attraction Coaching
  • Motivation2Study
  • Be Inspired
  • MotivationHub

3. Plan Out Your Day

I know some people like to plan their day out the night before but part of my routine is to sit down with laptop and plan out all the tasks I have to do for the next 12 hours. Also, a reason I do this in the morning is because I see what mood I am in when I wake up. I might have had a sleepless night, so I don’t plan hours of work that I won’t be able to complete to my best effort, when I can barely keep my head up. I chose those days to do personal tasks, like cleaning or work that I can sit down with my laptop and watch some background programmes. Planning your day helps give a structure to how long or how much time you should spend on jobs, and you can also see if you can get all the pieces of work you have piled up ticked off before the end of the day. I’ve done this for a while now and I can see that if I don’t plan my day, I get very stressed and panicked about everything I have to do. Finding out you have work due tomorrow but not enough hours left in that day to do it, is a gut wrenching feeling and it happened to me way too much. I personally use google calendar, it gives you notifications when to move onto the next task and you can also categorise each part of your day in different colours, for example studying, personal, friends and family. It motivates you and probably scares you when you see the work you have planned out for the day!

4. Smile

Smile! I’m not gonna lie to you I feel like a bit of an idiot when I do this on my own but it is proven to work and release happy hormones in you. The act of smiling and moving you facial muscles is connected to happy feelings in your brain, it is almost impossible to be sad when you’re smiling. Try it. The point of it is if you condition yourself to be optimistic and content, the easier it will be to maintain that. If you spend your time in a negative mood constantly, the more you’ll condition yourself to be pessimistic and that won’t change until you change it. Smile when you wake up. You won’t see results straight away but overtime it will be easier and natural to wake up with a grin on your face.

5. Put Your Phone Across the Room at Night

This habit really drags you out of bed, no one wants to listen to that horrible iPhone alarm. Moving your body first thing to grab your phone gets your circulation going, it’ll be easier to get your morning routine started rather than debating to untangle yourself from your cosy blankets. Also, once you’re out of bed you don’t want to get back into it, knowing you won’t be able to get up again. It is proven that your attitude to the rest of the day is set within the first 8 minutes, when you’re up straight away and getting on with everything, it will motivate you to carry on for the whole twenty-four-hours. Go into the bathroom and splash yourself with cold water and your day has begun!

6. Make Bed

Making your bed in the morning sets the tone of the rest of the day. That small task is still a task and ticked off your to-do-list, it will subtly motivate you to complete more. It will ease you into more heavier jobs and make them more tolerable. If you’re like me and work in your bedroom occasionally, it is easier to do your work in an organised environment, it reduces stress levels. A massive advantage of doing this is it doesn’t make me want to crawl back into my bed, which I am definitely guilty of when I haven’t made it. And lastly, it helps me upkeep a tidy room naturally, what’s the point in having a perfect bed with dirty clothes on the floor? It becomes a habit to maintain a clean bedroom!

If you make your bed every morning you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another

– Naval Admiral William McRaven

7. Stay clear of social media

I have recently deleted snapchat, which I got a few frowns about when I told my friends. I am a teenager and that is how everyone communicates, I hate it. I was constantly checking the app and aimlessly chatting away to people, however, recently I have pulled myself out of the cycle. And what have I accomplished? I have started this blog, I am studying harder than I ever have before, I have got rid of negative people in my life, I have been offered some amazing opportunities and I am so much more happier than I ever was! I know that’s ridiculous to say that deleting snapchat was the reason for all that but I can safely say it helped massively. Every time I looked at social media I became slumped and demotivated, you see people going out and having fun or in a happy relationship with someone and it makes you feel a bit low. It is really hard after that to pull yourself out of your sorrow and you end up staying where you are, staring at your phone, wishing you were someone else. Think about how many hours you spend on your phone, when you could be doing something great and you could be that someone you wished to be!

Social media is training us to compare our lives, instead of appreciating everything we are. No wonder why everyone is always depressed.

– Bill Murray

These are just a few things that starts my day off motivated and raring to go. I hope you learnt something and maybe the next morning you will try out some of these. Thank you so much for reading, I’ll see you guys later!

Bye x