What To Do With Empty Notebooks

Here are some journal ideas that fills those blank notebooks that are sitting collecting dust on your bookshelf or in your draw. Don’t deny it! These ideas help organise daily life or future ambitions and is perfect to start off your day successfully or to fall asleep happily.

  1. a to-do list
  2. a quote a day
  3. vision or mood boards
  4. step-by-step ways to reach your goals
  5. favourite songs this week
  6. personal diary
  7. affirmations
  8. travel journal
  9. gratitude journal
  10. fitness tracker
  11. diet or calorie tracker
  12. a bucket list
  13. an address book
  14. password book
  15. habit tracker
  16. mind maps
  17. reading journal
  18. books to read
  19. writing or novel ideas
  20. blog post planner
  21. movie or tv shows to watch
  22. dream journal
  23. scrapbook
  24. revision daily schedule
  25. bullet journal

Hope you enjoyed! Bye x

: )