40 Things To-Do This Autumn

Autumn is definitely my favourite season of all! I personally love the changing leaves and the cosy clothes I bury myself in. Not to mention, the idyllic evenings, watching movies with a blanket and hot chocolate. Our autumn to-do lists may be restricted this year, but these 40 activities are everything you can do to soak in the autumn feels.

Photo by Blaz Photo on Unsplash
  1. Go conker picking and pop them in a bowl at home
  2. Visit a pumpkin patch and take some away with you
  3. Pumpkin painting
  4. Pumpkin carving
  5. Roast pumpkin seeds
  6. Collect colourful leaves on your walks
  7. Pick up some pinecones and display them around your house
  8. Have a bonfire or a fire pit in your garden
  9. Cook s’mores on the fire or in the microwave
  10. Go on a bike ride through the woods
  1. Have an autumnal movie night
  2. Bake! Bake! Bake!
  3. Read in your favourite chair with a blanket, hot drink and a candle
  4. Simply stand outside and breath in the fresh, crisp air
  5. Time to dig up all your jumpers
  6. Collect some chestnuts and roast them in your oven
  7. Wake up before dawn and marvel at the sunrise. Sunrises are 10x better in autumn.
  8. Have a firework night with your household or watch them from your window hosted by other people.
  9. Create a den in your living room
  10. Make spiced cider
Photo by Gavin Mills from FreeImages
  1. Find an orchard and go apple picking
  2. Make an autumnal wreath
  3. Make good use out of your slow cooker
  4. Decorate your front door/porch
  5. Get a head start on your Christmas shopping
  6. Make an autumnal music playlist
  7. Take a long drive in the countryside
  8. Have a no-phone day
  9. Have a games night (board games, cards, wii)
  10. Go to the garden centre
  1. Have an autumn themed photoshoot with friends or family
  2. Decorate your house with fairy lights
  3. Get out all your autumnal candles
  4. Try coffee shop autumnal drinks
  5. Paint, draw or embroider
  6. Make a hedgehog house
  7. Buy a birdhouse
  8. Turn the TV on for The Great British Bake Off
  9. Make the most amazing roast dinner
  10. Make your own personal autumnal to-do list

Stay at Home Activities

Hey Guys! Sorry I have been away so long. I hope you are all safe and well! It has been understandably difficult for everyone to adapt to this new lifestyle, so now is the time to finally clean out your closet, read that book you’ve always wanted to, bake endless treats, do a puzzle or do absolutely nothing! You are allowed to spend these days in quarantine however you like but I thought I’d share some of the things that have been keeping me busy and content.

Social Distancing Activities

  • write down goals
  • plan activities or trips (for after lockdown obviously)
  • binge a Netflix show
  • make a mood board on Pinterest
  • have an at-home spa day (bubble bath, candles and beg for a massage from a significant other)
  • make a new Spotify playlist
  • FaceTime friends and family
  • listen to a Podcast
  • meditate
  • do a puzzle
  • play board games (my family and I have been competitively playing Cluedo and Dobble most nights)
  • Learn a new skill (sew, knit or a new instrument)
  • Bake biscuits and cakes
  • clear out your closet
  • read a book
  • do an at-home workout
  • try a new make-up look
  • study or revise

I hope this is helpful! It has really helped me get through lockdown when I keep myself busy, but of course if you’d rather shove on your sweats and watch movies all day, that’s fine too. I’ve definitely done that as well. Thank you for reading!

Bye x