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For the Coffee Lovers…

I have been a committed baker this week, making all sorts of treats but this coffee cake was my favourite!

40 Things To-Do This Autumn

Autumn is finally here! After almost 6 months of heat, the cold has suddenly arrived and it is time to get cosy. This list of activities will help you make the most out of the autumn feels : )

Back to School Anxieties

September has suddenly come by, our sunny days are over and school is starting : ( After 6 months of no classes in person, I’m nervous to go back and I’m sure, I’m not alone.

A Cookies Lovers Dream!

A simple and easy chocolate chip cookie recipe. Perfect for beginners or if you want to bake something quick!

The Easiest Cake Ever!

My friends and I were experimenting with what we have in our kitchen. Due to the pandemic, going to the shops has ben limited, this recipe is perfect for using up ingredients in your kitchen. And, it’s super quick and easy!

25 Self-love Journal Prompts

In a time like this, most people are feeling low and possibly lonely. These journal prompts, help you feel grateful and content with what you are and have.

Habit Tracker Ideas

I have become so lazy with keeping up with habits such as flossing everyday or doing my exercises, so I thought I’d try habit tracking and it’s a bit of a slap in the face when you see how long it’s been since you’ve worked out!


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One thought on “Lily Grace’s Notebook

  1. Thank you so much for your content on keeping busy during lockdown! I also checked out your book reviews and they are so good! Thanks Lily!

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