Back to School Anxieties

September has sprinted around the corner and I can already hear school bells in my ears. I start sixth form next week and I’m a little bit nervous, as I’m sure lots of you are. After nearly 6 months of being in my home and a lack of interaction with people in the flesh! It is understandable to feel a bit on edge, so I have found some ways that help me power through the next few weeks.

  1. Keep busy

This may be obvious but if you are constantly focusing on the thing that makes you anxious, you will never feel at ease and waste days or hours worrying. Most of the things people worry about never happen. Some things you could do to distract yourself are:

  • Read a book
  • Watch a movie
  • Start a new series on Netflix
  • Bake (check out my baking recipes that I’ve tried and loved)
  • Tidy your room
  • Cuddle your pets
  • Listen to soothing music
  • Have a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate
  • Do some exercise
  • Write and journal (get your creative juices flowing and write a story)
  1. Write it all out

One thing I always do when I feel anxious is write it all out. Everything you are feeling, dump it out on paper and move on. You will feel relieved if it is out of your head and clear in words in front of you. I have a journal which I take everywhere and it is a mess! I don’t try to keep it neat, I just fill it with my thoughts, ideas, to-do lists and more. I highly recommend doing this, it is proven to manage stress, health, happiness and it’s fun!

Another method is writing a spider diagram. Start with the problem in the centre of the page and write down all the solutions or steps to solve it. For example, going back to school this year; I will pack my bag with everything I need including a mask, hand sanitiser, a plastic bag for the mask and normal school supplies; read through all the guidelines the school has put in place for our safety, so I’m aware of what’s different and new; plan my outfit for the day and lay it out so it’s ready; check homework is complete and schoolwork is up to date. Once I have that organised, my mind feels clear, I know that everything is sorted and prepared for the day.

  1. Contact friends

Tell your friends how you’re feeling, chances are they are feeling the exact same way. It is scary and that’s a fact but once you have started school/college/sixth form again, it will feel almost normal. You need to remember that everyone is in the same boat. Classic phrase but very apt right now because it’s the whole country you’re sailing with!

  1. Contact a teacher

This isn’t for everybody but I had a million questions that I needed to ask before starting back and once I had contacted my tutor, I felt more able to prepare for the day and instantly I was relaxed. I told my teacher I was nervous and she gave me lots of advice and help she would offer if I needed it. I would try to contact a teacher you like and have known for a few years to receive a response that will comfort you and be a bit more personal.

I hope these small tips will help you for getting back to a new normal. I am experiencing all these fears too, so if you need to contact me you can on the Get in Touch Page and I will reply as soon as possible! Have a great first day back : )