Self Care Ideas


In our current situation, we need to take care of ourselves mentally and physically. It has been a challenge for everyone, so here is a list of self-care ideas to help.

  1. Go for walk (if you’re allowed to go on a walk, depending on what country you’re in)
  2. Take a long bubble bath
  3. Try some yoga (on youtube or apps)
  4. Bake some treats for yourself
  5. Watch your favourite movie (i’m currently going through all the Harry Potter movies)
  6. Watch your favourite TV show
  7. Read a book or listen to an audiobook
  8. Journal, journal, journal
  9. Have a solo party with your favourite tunes
  10. Meditate (I’m using the Calm app)
  11. Put on a face mask
  12. Try some adult colouring
  13. Take a nap (but only for 30mins or you’ll wake up even more tired!)
  14. Listen to relaxing music
  15. Get cosy under a blanket
  16. Drink some water (you probably need it!)
  17. Light a candle
  18. Diffuse essential oils
  19. Stretch
  20. Make sure you get at least 8 hours sleep
  21. Tidy up your space to help you think straight
  22. Wash your sheets, so you can crawl into a clean, fresh bed
  23. Do some gardening, you can buy some seeds online or if you live in England garden centres are currently open
  24. Try embroidery or sewing

I’ve only recommended self-care ideas that I have personally used and loved. If there are any you would like me to add, message me and I will definitely try it out!

I hope you are all happy and healthy x