Yesterday, my mum and I spent all day roaming London, walking for hours on end. We started off in Covent Garden then jumped into Carnaby Street to see the strange, sea theme lights and then finally ended up at the amazing, vintage book shop in Marylebone High Street. Fun fact: the book shop is one of the oldest in London, although it doesn’t actually have many vintage books in it, the structure of the place is beautiful, it’s called Daunt Books.

Covent Garden was so cute, I don’t think that’s the best way to describe it but it was so appealing and well-decorated for Christmas, that I think I’m finally in the festive mood. The tree in the centre was gorgeous and the market was full of really sweet little gifts, perfect stocking fillers. We first stopped in a shop named Galeria Melissa, it’s a shoe shop but at the front door there was a some social media backdrop to take instagram photos and an amazing room downstairs with a mirrored floor and reflective stars dangling from the ceiling. It was a perfect photo opportunity, that didn’t got to waste ;). We then dawdled through the market, looking at all the stands of prezzies but I am definitely too broke to get anything nice from there. We then found ourselves in a little bakery called Le Pain Quotidien, which is a chain restaurant. I had chicken and leak pie, it was delicious! And, the little restaurant over looked Covent Garden, with an old-fashioned interior, I would definitely recommend this place. Leaving Covent Garden we roamed into Carnaby Street.

We weren’t in Carnaby Street for a very long time but we did get to witness this years Christmas lights. One word: whacky. The street had a theme of sea creatures, which was definitely not the classy route, most of London went along with. They had a huge whale and a school of fish floating above our heads, it was really unique and to be honest didn’t feel very Christmassy but more like a Little Mermaid themed party. Aside from that I loved it, it was so quirky and many people this year are theming their decorations on their tree and who knows one may be ‘Under the Sea’ theme. After that fascination we got lost… and then the rain came pouring down. We ran into an old record shop, which was very aesthetically pleasing and made me reminisce on all the songs my dad forced me to listen to from his era, that I gave into liking a few years ago. My mum also loved seeing her favourite songs from her era as well. The rain slowed but didn’t stop for a while so we ran street to street, trying to find this book shop.

Soaked through and exhausted with no charge on either of our phones, we managed to reach Daunt books just before it was closing. We raced through the door with 10 minutes to spare. It was a small shop but there was nearly every book hidden somewhere. I was in my element. My mum got very bored watching me look and touch nearly every interesting book in there, which was nearly all of them. I didn’t buy any, but I have some noted down to get when I finish my current one. And, after a long, long day of walking and once the rain had settled we made our way home, and finally tucked in bed at 10p.m. with a decaf coffee and my sister’s home-made cookies.

Thank you so much for reading! See you soon.

Bye x