Getting to Know Me


I know this is the boring part of a blog but I thought I would introduce myself before I get into blogging about my life, so you know who’s life you are following around. I am a student at sixth form, studying English literature, English language and textiles (as you can see I am very passionate about English!). Writing is a huge love of mine and it has always been my strongest subject in school. In the future, I’d like to be a journalist, as I’m very interested in current affairs, fashion trends, new novels and expressing my opinions on them. This is my main motivation for starting ‘Lily Grace’s Notebook’ – a little journal of my life! I’m very excited to create content about my tips and tricks, noting down all my amazing days and my worst days. Eventually hoping to look back on my progression over the years. In my spare time, I go to the gym, play tennis and dance to keep healthy and fit, also, I go to my local town to find cafes, to complete all the work I have piling up on my desk for me to do! I love soaking up the ambience in cafes and living in my own little world away from reality, with motivational music blasting in my ears. My main goal for life is to be content and handle all problems with a smile on my face! I am working very hard at school right now and aspire for the highest opportunity I can reach.

Anyway, I am going to shut up and let you look around at some of my blog posts. I’ll be posting once a week delving into lifestyle, journalling, fashion and novel reviews. I really hope you enjoy this blog and I’ll see you guys again soon!

Bye x